Preparing for Launch

In November, 1992, an all-new automobile was officially introduced to the public. The 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII boasted such innovative features as the new Ford all-aluminum 4.6 DOHC 32 valve V-8 engine and an active air ride suspension that automatically lowered the Mark VIII at highway speeds for improved handling and aerodynamics. This luxury sport coupe was so revolutionary that, in Ford's words, instead of introducing it, they decided to launch it...

Now, over 25 years since the first Lincoln Mark VIII's rolled across the assembly line, the car has become a beloved classic by its owners and enthusiasts, and rightfully so. Between the state-of-the-art powertrain, suspension, and safety features, combined with its classy-yet-aggressive exterior and interior styling, there is a lot to appreciate. If anything, the fact that the Mark VIII was the last of the legendary Lincoln Mark Series has only added to its desirability. This was the finale to the long line of Lincoln's personal luxury coupes, and, to date, there have been no indications that a Mark IX will be produced anytime soon.

Unfortunately, parts for these fine automobiles have become increasingly rare over the years, as many of the replacement parts that were once as easy to find as going to your local Lincoln-Mercury dealer have long been discontinued by Ford with no aftermarket replacement options for many parts. Fortunately for us enthusiasts, there are a handful of reputable sources for salvage Mark VIII parts across the U.S.

Coming soon, will be a new source for salvage Lincoln Mark VIII parts, along with some "new old stock" parts. With over 15 years worth of accumulated parts along with parts continually being added, please be patient as this site takes shape. My goal, beginning in 2023, is to create not only a new source of hard-to-find Mark VIII parts, but also a community-friendly resource for locating Mark VIII enthusiast groups and websites that will benefit everyone from the novice to the more seasoned Mark VIII owners. Please be patient, and continue to check in as counts down to takeoff.

*Please Note: We are currently experiencing delays while parts are in the process of being organized and inventoried while we are also exploring options in the hosting and design of the website. In the meantime, please see our Resources page for links to websites to not only learn more about your Mark VIII, but also find links to other reputable sellers of Mark VIII parts ( is not affiliated with any of the sellers listed on our Resources page; we simply provide these links as a service to the Mark VIII community. As with any purchase, please do your own research on the seller and products offered).

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